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Abbot Fr Chris's Blog

Our family has grown!

This week Kay and I made a trek up to Taos in the high country.  While we always enjoy getting up there, this trip was a bit more special.  Made so by the fact we were going to pick out from a litter of 16 puppies one which would become an important part of our little family.   Our having to pick one puppy out of sixteen when they are all so adorable and cute was beyond difficult.  The best we could do was to close our eyes and point a finger, knowing we would be happy with which ever one it pointed toward.  Well, as luck would have it I chose the one with on floppy ear and one ear which pointed straight up to the sky.  Seeing that pup brought back memories from long ago.  Our first service animal was Tigh, A rough coat, sable collie who was born near Monument Hill between Denver and Colorado Springs.  He had ears exactly like that when he was two months old.  Talk about been there, done that!

We have named our newest family member Angel.  She is, in fact, Kay's little angle.  Kay is getting up there in years and a full days work leaves her fairly worn out.  While we would never consider the idea of retiring her, getting her a little helper was a great idea.  And, we ran across the breeder of Border Collies up in Taos who wanted to donate from her most recent litters a puppy of our choice.  Words cannot begin to express the gratitude we have for what this wonderful lady has given us.  And, Kay is making a magnificent mother.

We are lucky to have a service animal training school here in Albuquerque, so in a few months Angel will go to school every day with weekends off, just like human children.  We will take her to school every morning and pick her up in the afternoon just like human moms and dads. 

The most amazing thing, at least to me, is Angel is now already housebroken, that despite our only bringing her home five days ago.  She is far to smart for her own good.  It took her less than five minutes to find the one place in our backyard she could wiggle her way through.  She did just that, then sat down on the other side waiting for me to get the keys out, unlock the gate and bring her back inside.  Needless to say that little trick will get her nowhere. 

She was sleeping in the bed with Kay and myself by the second night.  And, she has not had one accident which is amazing enough.  At just over two months Angel is about as coordinated as a slinky toy.  That little rear end goes one way, the two rear legs go another and the front end just kind of follows along.  It is worth a million dollars to sit and watch her play and run in the grass which she ends up stumbling over more often than not.

There will be much more in the way of blessings and unconditional love as we move into the future.  There is so much mankind could learn from dogs, if we only paid attention to them, if we only allowed them to become full members of our family.  Unconditional love offered to all is the first and foremost of lessons we could take from these four-legged, tail wagging miracles God has blessed us with.  The giving of love without any conditions to all who enter our lives, if even for a second.  Dogs are the only animal with the ability to look at our faces and read our emotional state; whether we are happy, under stress, angry, whatever emotion.  No other animal has that ability. 

While all of our friends on Facebook have seen our little angel, many who come here have not, and as with any proud father, here are our baby's pictures:


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