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Emmaus Community - An independent home-church ministry with an ALF for veterans
We have a serious need for a vehicle which will allow us to travel in the winter mountains of Colorado, Arizona and New Mexico.  Such a vehicle could easily be purchased for about $4000.00 (used but in good condition).  Father Servasio and Father Chris will be travelling extensively this winter to Durango, Alamosa, Trinidad in Colorado as well as Northern and Eastern New Mexico.  All of these areas receive extensive amounts of snowfall in the winter months making travel hazardous without a four wheel drive vehicle.
As the monies earmarked for our veterans should not be spent on anything else but the veterans, we are actively seeking donations for a vehicle which will allow us to travel safely this winter.
Your donation will be most greatly appreciated.  You may donate either through Pay Pal or by snail mail.
Please accept our heartfelt thanks and blessings.
Photo of the vehicle we have found at a local dealer.  This or a similar vehicle would allow us to travel safely:
This or similar 4X4 will help The Order of Saint Patrick of Armagh community to travel in the winter months safely.
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