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We are purchasing a 15 bedroom property to house the veterans entrusted to our care, as well as our religious community, who will provide  end of life care for veterans as our apostolate. We will also participate in the Veterans Administration's "Adopt a Vet" program to provide housing for New Mexico, Southern Colorado and Arizona veterans. 
We have three friars in residence, and two clients awaiting lodging, a 90 year-old man with dementia; and, a veteran from the Fort Worth area who has been living in a cardboard box for several years.
The building will need to undergo a bit of remodeling in order to make it ready for providing care to our veteran residents.  The property is now under a sale contract and we will need to close by September 1st of this year.
While our first facility will be in Albuquerque, we do hope, with the favor of God, to develop facilities in other areas near major Veterans Administration and military hospitals. 
We are not a preaching order, we are a service order.  We provide care and comfort to those entrusted to our arms.  We give dignity to the men and women who were willing to place themselves in harm's way, ready and willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for our benefit.  We offer dignity that has been earned and deserved as a result of their service to this nation.
This is the front of the building we are developing as our first facility.  As with Ronald McDonald Houses, our goal is to provide similar facilities in the same location as many of the Veterans Administration Hospitals and Clinics across the country.
Future Home of Emmaus House in Albuquerque 
This is a view of the interior of the building, the sanctuary as it now is.  This will be remodeled to provide a small chapel, offices, ground floor bedrooms and a library.  The property already has a common room along with kitchen facilities and a sizeable pantry.
Emmaus House assisted living facility interior-will be remodeled
This is a side view of the property.
Emmaus House Albuquerque assisted living facility is specifically for veterans
And, here we have a photo of the current dining room.
Emmaus House dining room in the assisted living facility
If you are able to make a donation of physical, or other property, in order to further our mission to provide veterans of these United States of America with the dignity, care, comfort and respect they so greatly deserve ---please contact us
And please make a donation         
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“For Service to Mankind – Pro Utilitate Hominum ”
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